Alpine pastures and woodlands on high altitudes surround the mountain village of Welschnofen and the expansive Karersee area, which extends toward the Rosengarten-Latemar mountain ranges and the Karerpass. Its unique location and beautiful scenery, and the wide variety of tourist activities make this municipality an especially attractive holiday destination.

  • Lake Karersee is considered one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Alps! This small mountain lake is well-known for its soft, deep green waters and the exquisite backdrop of the mountains. The lake is at its most gorgeous in the evening or early morning, when the Rosengarten-Latemar mountain ranges are reflected in its crystal clear water.
  • Another impressive natural spectacle: The Alpenglow at sunset – "Enrosadira".
  • Mid-September is the season for the traditional King Laurin "Schupfenwanderung" or hut-to-hut hike. This is when you visit the "Schupfen" (Alpine huts) on the trails located between the Rosengarten and Latemar mountains. The huts serve hot meals and drinks and entertain you with local music.
  • Carezza Ski – King of the Dolomites: This mountain hiking paradise features bountiful gorgeous hiking trails and magnificent secured climbing routes.