Nova Ponente e Nova Levante are the main villages in the Rosengarten Latemar holiday destination. In the upper part of Val d'Ega, approximately 20 km from Bolzano, the Catinaccio/Rosengarten region and the Latemar mountain range is accessible by the SS 241 highway, also known as the Dolomite Road.

The Lake Carezza area and its lovely Alpine pastures, meadows and mountain forests leading to the Catinaccio, Latemar and Costalunga Pass mountains, is the heart of the bike region. The unique landscape amidst the Dolomites provides ideal conditions for cyclists in both summer and winter. In summertime, the cable cars and funiculars made for winter skiers are open to cyclists wanting to complete parts of the route at a higher altitude to be able to reach the majestic mountain summits.

The white rocks of the beautiful Dolomite mountains are famous for their red evening glow. The Catinaccio, called Rosengarten in German, is at the centre of the ancient Ladin Dolomite mythology, in which this mountain massive used to be the beautiful rose garden of the Ladin King Laurin, who lost the final battle against the Germanic Theodoric. After his defeat, King Laurin cursed its beautiful garden which he blamed for the defeat, with a curse. From now on the garden should be invisible for all humans by day and by night. However according to legend, King Laurin forgot to curse the dawn and dusk and so today we can admire the rose garden as a natural spectacle, the pink Alpenglow, within these hours.